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5G Explained

As the deployment of 5G accelerates it will deliver enhanced mobile technologies whilst maintaining low levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposure. For more information on 5G and how it will work, including the health and safety aspects see our 5G Explained resources which are the latest installment in the EMF Explained Series.

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5G gains momentum in 2018

AMTA is confident that the Government's 5G priorities will add momentum to our ongoing efforts to engage with industry verticals and the respective government departments outside of the communications portfolio with regard to the broader economic and social benefits of 5G.

ACCAN appoints CEO

AMTA welcomes the appointment of the inaugural CEO of the Australian Communications Consumers Action Network (ACCAN), Mr Allan Asher, and Teresa Corbin CEO of Consumers’ Telecommunications Network (CTN) as ACCAN's Deputy CEO, as announced today.

A digital future for Australia's regions

The Rudd Government today announced an additional $60 million investment in regional communications, including for education, health and emergency services projects, greater access to satellite phones, and an expansion of computer and internet access for remote Indigenous communities.

60 percent of the world now mobile connected

Six in ten people around the world now have cell phone subscriptions, signalling that mobiles are the communications technology of choice particularly in poor countries, according to a UN report published on Monday, AAP reported this week.

2008 AMTA Chair’s Report

AMTA Chair, Louise Sexton, presented the following Report in the 2008 AMTA Annual Report, which was released yesterday at the Annual General Meeting in Melbourne.

Chris Althaus CEO

ACCC head states his views on mobile phone warranties

People who sign a three-year contract with a mobile phone company should reasonably expect a handset warranty to last for three years, the Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Graeme Samuel, told radio station 5AA in Adelaide today.

40% cut in drivers breaking mobile phone law

A new United Kingdom survey reported in the GSMA Environment Insider shows the number of car drivers using hand-held mobile phones at the wheel has fallen by 40%, Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick revealed this week.

30% Drop in Blocking Stolen Phones in Australia

Cellular News reports that the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has released figures showing blocks on lost and stolen mobile phones from the mobile telecommunications industry's handset blocking program fell nearly 30.2% in the 12 months to September, 2007.

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Mobiles, lightning risks and other myths

Mobile phones do not have any characteristics which would make them attractive to lightning strikes. While it is sensible to avoid using a fixed- line (copper wire) phone during a thunderstorm; the same precaution does not apply to mobile phones or fibre optic cable (e.g. NBN).

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UK funds 5G pilot programs

The UK is moving ahead with the roll-out of 5G technologies and application with an announcement that the UK Government will fund six 5G pilot programs across the country to the value of £25m.