Spectrum Reform Essential

Chris Althaus, AMTA CEO

A mobile-enabled Australia demands spectrum reform which can directly support a prosperous Australia.

The Federal Government’s consultation package on proposed reforms to modernise and simplify Australia’s spectrum management framework is a welcome step towards maximising transparency, simplicity and efficiency.

As the peak body representing Australia’s mobile telecommunications industry, AMTA is eager to see timely reform that maximises productivity and connectivity.

This is a very important step forward and one that will set the tone for the next round of discussion with all spectrum users on how a modernised spectrum management framework should be designed and operated.

The consultation package is comprehensive and will allow relevant stakeholders to respond to a variety of key issues affecting industry, government and the public.

From AMTA’s perspective the package is detailed and will require time to digest, however our initial assessment suggests a clear reiteration of the intention to deliver a reform package that focusses on removal of prescription as well as increased transparency, simplicity, efficiency and flexibility with all spectrum users under the one regime.

Spectrum is core infrastructure for the mobile ecosystem in Australia, and it continues to evolve rapidly in terms of complexity and its positive impact on productivity and connectivity throughout the economy and society.

For example, the evolution of 5th Generation mobile and its pervasive application across industries and sectors is a key enabler of the Internet of Things and must be supported with new spectrum allocations including in new pioneer ‘mm wave’ bands. At the same time 4G and 4.5G technologies continue to have profound impacts.

There is a sense of urgency in the mobile sector for this reform to progress. AMTA looks forward to working through the detail to constructively advance spectrum reform.

The submission prepared by AMTA and the Communications Alliance in response to the ACMA's Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2016 -2020 can be downloaded here.

For information about the Spectrum Reform consultation package look here.

19 May 2017


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