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AMTA welcomes ACMA Review

The future of mobile telecommunications in Australia will stand to benefit from the current review of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The Federal Government has today announced that it wishes to modernise the ACMA and ensure that is can perform its role efficiently and effectively moving forward.

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) welcomes the Review and the resulting recommendations, especially where they directly reduce red-tape and enable industry to progress key initiatives and programs unhindered by regulatory barriers.

AMTA Chief Executive, Chris Althaus noted that timely implementation is critical when considered against the background of relentless change within the communications and media environment.

“The mobile telecommunications industry supports the recommendations to build on the ACMA’s first decade of operation and seek change so the ACMA can further support industry to maximise productivity, connectivity and sustainable economic growth. Execution is pivotal with such reviews and several key recommendations recognise this imperative,” said Althaus.

“Indeed recommendation #27 dealing with the creation of a contemporary regulatory framework, is a central measure in assisting the mobile telecommunications industry to thrive in a way that serves business, government and the community.”

The Review addresses several of the issues raised through AMTA’s earlier submission to the process.

“With the journey towards latest generation mobile technologies (5G) and all that goes with it in terms of the Internet of Things, and value-added services, AMTA believes that the Review’s recommendations rightly orient regulatory settings towards responsible economic growth. This is clearly noted in recommendation #18 with reference to regulator principles which enable industry to invest, develop and deliver telecommunications outcomes demanded by Australians” said Althaus.

“Above all, the need to promptly implement and resource the Review recommendations is essential” said Althaus.

In closing AMTA recognises the leadership of Acting Chairman Richard Bean and his team who have had responsibility for the ACMA during the Review period.

More information about the ACMA Review can be found on the Department of Communications and the Arts website.

22 May 2017



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Melbourne Seminar on 5G and EMF

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