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AMTA CEO presenting at Unwired Revolution: July 20


CommsDay is holding its Unwired: Revolution one day event at the Kirribilli Club, North Sydney on Thursday July 20.

The event will look in-depth at the state of the nation and future path in both mobile and fixed wireless technology. Keynotes include Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, ACCC chair Rod Sims, ACMA chair Richard Bean and senior executives from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. More information about the line-up of speakers can be found here.

AMTA's own chief executive officer Chris Althaus kicks off the event as the first speaker and the event is endorsed by AMTA.

CommsDay is extending a discount to all AMTA members. Normal price $595, but $495 for AMTA members. The discount can be accessed here.

21 June 2017



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Mobiles most popular way to access the internet

ACMA Communications 2016-17 report finds that mobile phones are the most popular and frequently used device for internet access and that the trend towards mobile-only communications continues with 6.67 million Australian adults having only a mobile phone and no fixed-line telephone at home.

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Ericsson forecast 1 Billion 5G subscriptions in 2023

Ericsson has released an update on its Mobility Report for Nov 2017. Ericsson forecast that mobile broadband population coverage will grow to over 95% in 2023 and 5G population coverage will reach over 20% in 2023. Higher spectrum bands will be important for 5G and Ericsson forecast 1 billion subscriptions for enhanced mobile broadband in 2023.


How will 5G improve network performance

While the technical standards for 5G are still being developed, experts agree that 5G will offer: Latency of less than 1ms; Ability to deliver speeds of up to 10 Gbps and beyond; Energy efficiency in running 1000s of devices; and Improved network capacity by enabling millions of low bandwidth devices to connect simultaneously. Where 4G focussed on providing improved speed and capacity for individual mobile phone users, 5G will enable more industrial applications, and could be a major technological driver in industrial digitalisation. For more information about 5G read our latest report from Deloitte Access Economics. Download the complete report.