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Our Impact 2018

Jane van Beelen, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs at Telstra was re-elected as the AMTA Chair at our Annual General Meeting on 29 November.

AMTA released its Annual Impact report at the AGM. The report highlights AMTA's commitment and focus on achieving fit for purpose regulation around spectrum availability and mobile network deployment so that mobile networks can continue to expand to meet demand, particularly for 5G.

AMTA CEO Chris Althaus noted that:

"there is an abundance of evidence that policy makers and regulators alike [globally] are attuned to the critical need for policy and regulatory settings that will allow 5G to flourish.”

“For example, the USA’s Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai revealed aggressive plans to release 5G spectrum. Pai also added that the FCC is working to streamline infrastructure siting laws, noting ‘all the spectrum we devote to 5G won’t be put to good use if the physical networks to carry 5G traffic are never built’,”

“AMTA therefore remains focussed on timely availability of harmonised spectrum and new fit-for-purpose regulation to support network deployment
in a 4G/5G world.”

Looking forward to 2019, AMTA continues to engage in and support the Government’s proposed reform of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 with the desired outcome being a simplified and more flexible regulatory regime. Likewise, the key role of small cells in
5G network architecture is being highlighted in the report as part of a focus on the critical need for an efficient deployment regulatory pathway.

Our Annual Impact report also highlights our work with key stakeholders across economic, social and environmental issues related to mobile, including commissioning research from Deloitte Access Economics on the productivity implications of both 4G and 5G; partnering with the e-safety commissioner to promote online safety; and continuing to take the lead on product stewardship via the MobileMuster recycling program.

Click here to download the full Annual Impact report.

30 November 2018


ARPANSA Statement on 5G Health Claims

ARPANSA has released a statement addressing concerns about misinformation circulating throughout the community about the possible impacts of Australia’s planned roll-out of the 5G mobile network. Contrary to some claims, there are no established health effects from the radio waves that the 5G network uses.


Final NTP results cannot confirm mobile phone cause cancer in humans

The long awaited final results of the decade-spanning US National Toxicology Program on radiofrequency energy exposure has found no consistent effects in male and female mice and rats exposed to mobile phone signals for their whole life (2 years). However, in a sub-section of the study, researchers found that at the highest doses for the longest periods of time, cellphone radiation might cause a rare cancer in male rats. “High exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in rodents resulted in tumours in tissues surrounding nerves in the hearts of male rats, but not female rats or any mice, according to draft studies from the National Toxicology Program (NTP),” said a press release from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences where the program is headquartered.