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AMTA Board re-elects Jane van Beelen as Chair

Jane van Beelen, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs at Telstra was re-elected as the AMTA Chair by the AMTA Board at our Annual General Meeting on 29 November.

Ms van Beelen thanked her fellow directors for their support and encouragement during 2018, as well as the AMTA team for their efforts.

She noted that the rate and scale of the mobile evolution continues at pace, with the first commercial deployment of 5G technologies expected to enter the market in early 2019:

During this period of change, AMTA is working hard with its members to achieve the right policy and regulatory balance to support the 4G/5G ecosystem. In this context, much of the emphasis falls on the key infrastructure needed to deploy 5G - namely new spectrum resources and the optimal regulations for efficient network deployment.

Click here to download AMTA's Annual Impact report and read the message from the Chair in full.

November 2018


Final NTP results cannot confirm mobile phone cause cancer in humans

The long awaited final results of the decade-spanning US National Toxicology Program on radiofrequency energy exposure has found no consistent effects in male and female mice and rats exposed to mobile phone signals for their whole life (2 years). However, in a sub-section of the study, researchers found that at the highest doses for the longest periods of time, cellphone radiation might cause a rare cancer in male rats. “High exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in rodents resulted in tumours in tissues surrounding nerves in the hearts of male rats, but not female rats or any mice, according to draft studies from the National Toxicology Program (NTP),” said a press release from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences where the program is headquartered.