AMTA committed to tackling issues of overuse and misuse of mobile phones

The mobile telecommunications industry takes seriously any claims of misuse of its technology and is committed to promoting the safe, responsible and affordable use of mobile telecommunications, AMTA said in response to a newspaper report claiming that “many of us are as addicted to our mobiles as some are to nicotine, booze or drugs”.

ACRBR answers neurosurgeons’ mobile phone safety claims

The Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research (ACRBR) has published a paper which it says is designed to give accurate public information on mobile phone safety following the wide publicity given to two leading Australian neurosurgeons, whose media claims “may have misled audiences about this issue”.

Chris Althaus CEO

Absent-minded drivers take their toll

A new survey of car crashes has highlighted the fact that most accidents in Australia are caused by drivers not paying attention. AMTA Chief Executive Officer, Chris Althaus, said driver inattention accounted for nearly half of all accidents according to drivers and highlighted the need to reduce distractions while behind the wheel.

Chris Althaus CEO

AMTA meets with MMF and GSMA in Melbourne this week

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association met this week with representatives from two of the world’s leading peak industry bodies in the mobile telecommunications industry to discuss co-operation on key issues and the development of a joint initiative to disseminate health and safety information to consumers.

AMTA combines with trucking industry on safety issues

Australia’s professional truck drivers will receive common-sense advice on the safe use of mobile phones through a new fact sheet developed by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) in partnership with the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and the National Transport Commission (NTC).

40% cut in drivers breaking mobile phone law

A new United Kingdom survey reported in the GSMA Environment Insider shows the number of car drivers using hand-held mobile phones at the wheel has fallen by 40%, Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick revealed this week.

AMTA hosts international EME discussions

This week AMTA met with the Chair of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF), Christophe Grangeat, from Alcatel-Lucent (Paris), and Peter Zollman, Vodafone (UK), chair of the GSM’s Association’s expert panel on EME.

AMTA meets NSW Kids Commissioner

Last week, AMTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Althaus, met with NSW Children and Youth Commissioner, Gillian Calvert, to discuss trends in mobile use by children.

“Road-Right” backs safety messages with big rewards for L drivers

Learner drivers now have plenty of reasons to study for their driver’s licence thanks to a ground-breaking initiative that aims to both educate and motivate with a substantial prize pool. Developed by the Amy Gillett Foundation, with the support of the Australia Driver Trainers’ Association and State and Territory licensing authorities, Road-Right is the first program of its kind designed to heighten learner driver awareness of people cycling on Australian roads.

Chris Althaus CEO

AMTA calls for review of SIM-less 000 calls

AMTA supports the Federal Government’s national awareness campaign to ensure 000 calls are made for genuine emergencies, Chief Executive Officer Chris Althaus told the ABC’s national radio network this week.

`No scientific evidence' of phone tower health risks

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association has responded to residents' concerns over a proposed telecommunication tower in Port Kembla. Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) CEO Chris Althaus told the Wollongong Advertiser this week there was no "credible scientific evidence" of health effects from living or working near a mobile phone base station, even for children.

AMTA Clarification for the 7:30 Report

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) acknowledges it incorrectly claimed recently that some plastics from the process of recycling mobile phones are used in the production of furniture.

UK phone box 5G.jpg

UK funds 5G pilot programs

The UK is moving ahead with the roll-out of 5G technologies and application with an announcement that the UK Government will fund six 5G pilot programs across the country to the value of £25m.