AMTA committed to tackling issues of overuse and misuse of mobile phones

The mobile telecommunications industry takes seriously any claims of misuse of its technology and is committed to promoting the safe, responsible and affordable use of mobile telecommunications, AMTA said in response to a newspaper report claiming that “many of us are as addicted to our mobiles as some are to nicotine, booze or drugs”.

ACRBR answers neurosurgeons’ mobile phone safety claims

The Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research (ACRBR) has published a paper which it says is designed to give accurate public information on mobile phone safety following the wide publicity given to two leading Australian neurosurgeons, whose media claims “may have misled audiences about this issue”.

Chris Althaus CEO

AMTA responds to television handset safety claims

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) this week responded to claims about safety and testing procedures on Today Tonight in Adelaide. The program made a number of claims about mobile phone handset safety and broadcast the views of Canberra neurosurgeon Dr Vini Khurana, who likens mobile phone use to the dangers of “asbestos or smoking”.

Mobile phones and brain cancer claims

The mobile phone industry relies on expert advice from national and international health agencies on mobile phone safety. AMTA has released its updated position on health aspects of mobile phones.

AMTA's EME Update

The latest edition of the AMTA publication, EME Update, presents global scientific research, news and views on health and safety aspects of mobile telecommunications.

Drivers 'Twittering' behind the wheel

The accessing and use of social networking sites while driving a car is extremely unsafe and should not be undertaken under any circumstances AMTA CEO Chris Althaus told Seven News this week. The same news report also highlighted the $9.3million paid in fines by the 39,000 NSW motorists who were fined in 2007/08 for use of mobile phones while driving.

Health Canada says mobiles safe for teenagers

Health Canada is sticking to its position that children and teenagers are not risking their health by using cellphones in the wake of new research showing they are five times more likely to suffer from a malignant brain tumour later in life if they use them, Canwest News Service reports in the GSMA Environment Insider this week.

Keeping children cyber safe

The misuse of mobile phones, email and the Internet to bully and harass young people will be tackled in new materials being produced for the State’s schools.

Mobile InSite for news, reviews and science

Mobile InSite is the MCF's electronic publication containing current news, issues and science within the world of mobile phone network deployment. It also provides information about new MCF and AMTA initiatives.

Chris Althaus CEO

Industry promotes safe and responsible drivers’ use of hands-free mobiles

AMTA is committed to working with the community to help raise drivers’ awareness of safe and responsible practices of using hands-free mobile phones, which are not a guarantee of safety in all road conditions and driving situations. AMTA CEO Chris Althaus said the industry had engaged in a wide range of partnerships to raise awareness of safety issues.

Mobile phone industry welcomes release of RMIT report

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) welcomes this week’s release of comprehensive testing of RMIT building 108, AMTA CEO Chris Althaus said. He said an expert, peer-reviewed medical report on RMIT found no cancer cluster exists. The report also found that “there is no evidence to suggest that tumours identified resulted from an occupational cause within building 108”.

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Mobiles, lightning risks and other myths

Mobile phones do not have any characteristics which would make them attractive to lightning strikes. While it is sensible to avoid using a fixed- line (copper wire) phone during a thunderstorm; the same precaution does not apply to mobile phones or fibre optic cable (e.g. NBN).

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UK funds 5G pilot programs

The UK is moving ahead with the roll-out of 5G technologies and application with an announcement that the UK Government will fund six 5G pilot programs across the country to the value of £25m.