AMTA reaction to TIO March quarter 2014 complaints figures

18 June 2014: Complaints about mobile telecommunications services to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) in the March quarter 2014 were 20 per cent below the same quarter last year, according to official figures for January-March 2014 released today.

The TIO said for the third quarter in a row there were fewer than 20,000 new complaints about mobile services.

“The 18,474 complaints represented a modest increase of 1.3 per cent from October-December 2013, but a significant decrease of 19.4 per cent compared to January-March 2013,” says the TIO.

New complaints about internet and landline services increased by 20.6 per cent and 15.9 per cent respectively compared to the previous quarter.

The Chief Executive of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), Chris Althaus,  said the continued strong performance of the mobile telecommunications industry over the past year was welcomed and he noted a 32.7 per cent drop in complaints about slow mobile data speed and coverage issues compared to the previous quarter.

“The mobile telecommunications industry has spent more than $10 billion on the latest-generation mobile technologies, network infrastructure and spectrum over the past two years in response to strong consumer demand and increasing customer expectations of network performance,” he said.

“The big fall in complaints about mobile coverage not only reflects the industry’s investment in networks, spectrum and technology, but also highlights industry’s intense focus on customer service.”

The TIO figures show a 7 per cent rise in complaints in the last quarter about mobile excess data charges.

Mr Althaus said the industry noted this rise and said it was important that customers know their data limits and check with their service provider about how to monitor their usage.

Service providers under the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code alert customers when they reach 50 per cent, 85 per cent and 100 per cent of their data usage limit.

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