AMTA welcomes continued fall in TIO Complaints

Media Release

15 December 2015

Chris Althaus, AMTA CEO, welcomed the latest TIO complaints statistics which show very substantial falls in complaints in relation to mobile products and services.

“The TIO has credited a continued decrease in mobile complaints as driving an overall downward trend which saw complaints drop to the lowest levels since 2006.”

The TIO reported an overall 16.5% drop in complaints in July-Sept 2015 compared to the previous quarter and 14.8% fewer complaints than at the same time next year. 

The TIO saw a very significant 30% drop in new mobile complaints from 15 034 in July-Sept 2014 to only 10 340 in July-Sept 2015. 

Mobile service complaints continue to fall with complaints about mobile coverage reported as being less than half those received during the same period last year.

Complaints about excess data charges also fell with the TIO reporting 1 254 complaints in July-Sept 2015, down 50% from 2 524 complaints in July-Sept 2014. 

This is marks the lowest level of complaints about excess data charges since Oct –Dec 2009. 

“Clearly, the continued strong investment in mobile networks and product/service innovation is resulting in more satisfied mobile customers, however, industry will continue to work to drive TIO complaints even lower in 2016, Mr Althaus concluded”

For more information contact AMTA (02) 6239 6555 or Chris Althaus (0417 270 689)