AMTA Q&A on 30 minute use issue

17 May 2010


Has Interphone found that using a mobile for more than 30 minutes a day increases your risk of Brain Cancer?


No, Interphone has not found an increased risk of Brain Cancer. Claims of an increased risk from using a mobile for 30 minutes a day are based on data the interphone researchers say is implausible and in error. The Interphone researches themselves say there are errors in the high use data group, and clearly state this in the press release and interphone paper.

  • For example a few participants registered using a mobile for up to 12 hours per day. This was simply implausible 10 years ago and very unrealistic today.
  • When these participants are removed from the data set, the Interphone researchers report the association is no longer found.
  • This is why new research that tracks actual phone use has commenced.
  • The researchers warn against focussing on the extreme values and say that interpretation should be based on the overall balance of the evidence.

View Media Release here.