Government releases Spectrum Directions Paper

11 November 2014 

AMTA welcomes the release of the Government’s Consultation Paper, ‘Spectrum Review – Potential Reform Directions’ that identifies 11 proposals to reform how spectrum is allocated, managed and used in Australia. 

Spectrum is a critical resource for the delivery of mobile broadband which is forecast to enable $11.8 billion worth of productivity benefits to the Australian economy by 2025[1].

AMTA has long championed reform of Australia’s spectrum management framework to reduce the complexity and cost of engagement, to improve the transparency of price setting processes and methodology for spectrum access charges and taxation arrangements and to find solutions to protect spectrum access rights by taking action to stop the use of non-compliant devices.

AMTA Chief Executive, Chris Althaus said:

“AMTA strongly supports the Spectrum Review process and the opportunity it offers for reform. AMTA   believes it has the potential to further un-lock productivity benefits and boost innovation, in-line with the Government’s current agenda to cut red-tape and alleviate the regulatory burden on industry.

“This paper is an important next step in the Review process and AMTA looks forward to continued engagement on the detail of the Government’s proposals as well as the opportunity to suggest additional reform proposals.

“AMTA believes the Review provides a unique opportunity to ensure that the spectrum regulatory framework delivers optimal outcomes for Australia in the future, including:

• promoting competition in markets that are reliant on spectrum access;

• avoiding imposing regulatory burdens that stifle productivity and innovation;

• providing the flexibility necessary for industry to adapt to the rapid pace of technological change and ongoing development of business models in media and telecommunications markets; and

• providing clarity and consistency so that industry has the requisite certainty to secure future investment.




For more information contact Randal Markey, AMTA, 0421 240 550


[1] Mobile Nation, the Economic and Social Impacts of Mobile Technology, Deloitte Access Economics, Feb 2013