Mobile Industry Welcomes Productivity Commission Report on Public Safety Mobile Broadband

The Productivity Commission’s Research Report into the provision of Public Safety Mobile Broadband reflects a common-sense approach in recommending partnerships with the mobile telecommunications industry as the way forward for provision of Mobile Broadband services for public safety agencies,” according to Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association CEO Chris Althaus.

The Productivity Commission has undertaken a detailed analysis of several options including creating a stand-alone public safety mobile broadband network, a commercial option that relies on existing mobile broadband networks and a hybrid or combination of these two options.

“The Productivity Commission has clearly judged the cost/benefit in favour of partnerships with commercial operators. This option allows public safety agencies to do what they do best while leaving the innovation, investment and infrastructure associated with mobile networks to operators to be leveraged in a public safety context,” Mr Althaus added.

“In reality partnerships with network operators already exist and have been a major part of public safety mobile broadband deployment in recent years.

The industry stands ready to build on these existing relationships with Public Safety Agencies as recommended by the Productivity Commission to pilot latest generation Mobile Broadband technologies and services for use in public safety”.  

This option not only saves $ billions in set up costs but will drive industry to deliver competitive and innovative technology solutions  – which will be critical as we enter the age of machine 2 machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) functionality.

For more information contact Chris Althaus on (02) 6239 6555 or 0417 270 689