Mobile Network Performance - What you need to know


 8 April 2014

The telecommunications industry has co-operated with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to produce a new guide for consumers to better understand mobile coverage, reception and mobile network performance issues.


The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and Communications Alliance (CA) today released a consumer guide for mobile device users, “Mobile Network Performance – What you need to know.” You can download the guide by clicking here.


The guide gives consumers a checklist on issues to consider when buying a mobile device (handset or tablet) and service to ensure it works where the customer requires service – at home, work, during the daily commute or while on holidays.


For example, the guide explains: “There are many factors that can impact on the quality of reception and mobile network performance at any given time. Factors include surrounding buildings, nearby trees, topography, bad weather, interference from nearby electrical devices, or other mobile phone users using the same base station or even a mobile device fault/incompatibility.”


The guide informs consumers of their rights and steps they can take if their mobile network performance falls short of their expectations.


AMTA Chief Executive Officer, Chris Althaus, said the new fact sheet was developed following the 2013 ACMA Forum on mobile network performance and was an important addition to consumer advice on AMTA’s  


“The mobile telecommunications industry has spent more than $10 billion on latest-generation mobile technologies, network infrastructure and spectrum in the past two years in response to strong consumer demand and increasing consumer expectations of network performance,” he said.


“The industry’s investments are having an impact with the latest official TIO statistics showing the number of consumer complaints in the December 2013 quarter were less than half those reported six months earlier.”


Communications Alliance Chief Executive Officer, John Stanton, said the new Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code had also been a major factor in the falling complaint statistics for mobile network performance.


“The industry is committed to continuous improvement on consumer issues such as mobile network performance and this latest information sheet is another resource that targets an important consumer issue in the mobile sector,” he said.


Mr Althaus and Mr Stanton said industry remained focused on working with consumers, the Government and the ACMA on issues and concerns.


For more information contact Randal Markey, AMTA, (02) 6239 6555 or 0421 240 550