Students join MobileMuster and Jane Goodall Institute to save chimpanzee habitats

More than 55 schools and 27,000 students have joined MobileMuster and the Roots & Shoots school program to learn about mobile phone recycling and raise funds for the Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA).

The education program is a great way for young Australians to learn about the importance of responsible reuse and recycling, plus how their actions can help conserve critical forest habitats in Africa where chimpanzees and other great apes live.

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JGIA have organised representatives from their Roots & Shoots network to visit the participating schools and talk to students about habitat conservation and the importance of recycling. In Perth, schools attended a Roots & Shoots conference at Perth Zoo in February. Around 100 students took part and experienced a behind-the -scenes tour, zoo keeper talks and information on mobile phone recycling.

As part of the program, schools have also received a free collection box, posters to put up around their school and curriculum-linked teachers’ guides on mobile phone life cycles. Schools have until the end of Term 1 to see how many old mobile phones and accessories they can collect.

JGIA are also working with a mobile phone reuse partner to ensure that any working mobiles will be resold and funds raised will go to JGIA to help them continue the great work they do in improving understanding and the welfare of great apes.

Mobile phones and accessories that can’t be reused will be dismantled and recycled by MobileMuster, the only not-for-profit, Government-accredited mobile phone recycling program in Australia. As part of the program, MobileMuster will give the Jane Goodall Institute Australia $2 per kilo for any mobiles and accessories recycled. Any data on the handsets will be removed before resale or destroyed in the recycling process.

At the end of the campaign schools will be sent a certificate of appreciation displaying the funds that they have raised for the Jane Goodall Institute Australia.