A mobile Christmas/New Year for the Environment

The thousands of Australians who received new mobile phones for Christmas should consider handing in their old mobiles, batteries and accessories for recycling at one of the 1000 plus mobile phone retail stores across Australia.


Rose Read, Manager of Recycling with MobileMuster, said Christmas/New Year was the perfect time for people to recycle their old mobile phones, which contain many valuable materials such as plastics, silver, gold and nickel.


MobileMuster is the official mobile phone recycling program run by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, the peak industry body for the mobile phone industry in Australia.


Ms Read said: “More than 90 per cent of the materials in mobile phone handsets, batteries and accessories can be recycled into new products such as jewellery, fence posts and stainless steel.


“It is estimated that there is about 1kg of gold contained in every 50,000 handsets. With more than 12 million disused handsets lying around in people’s homes and offices, recycling is a very sustainable way to extract gold and other precious metals.


“Mobile phones are not biodegradable and should not be thrown in the rubbish bin and end up in landfill, where potentially they could harm the environment.


“By recycling their disused mobile phones, batteries and accessories, people are saving valuable resources, and protecting the environment. It’s a great way to do some good for the environment this Christmas/New Year.


“It’s simple and easy. Just take your old mobiles to your local Telstra, OptusWorld, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, 3 or Orange store and hand ‘em in to the shop assistant or put in the recycling tube.”


To find your nearest MobileMuster drop off visit www.mobilemuster.com.au or call 1300 730 070.


For more information, interviews, pics, broadcast quality footage contact Rose Read, Manager Recycling on 0418 216 364 or Randal Markey, Manager Communications on 0421 240 550