AMTA Appoints New CEO

Graham Chalker has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA).

As the national body representing the mobile telecommunications industry in Australia, AMTA’s CEO is responsible for representing and leading the industry in areas such as regulatory and government affairs, promotion and industry development.

Mr Chalker has had a long record of working in industry representative organisations including the Confederation of Australian Industry and the Australian Chamber of Manufactures. Most recently he was the Federal Affairs Adviser for Australian Business Ltd.

Mr Chalker was on the Board of the Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre Ltd (SETEL) for a number of years including two years as Chairman.

Mr Chalker said there are now more than 12 million mobile phone connections in Australia and the country has the second highest global mobile phone penetration rate.

"The number of mobile phone subscriptions has more than doubled in the past three years. There are now 12,500,000 subscriptions compared with less than 6,000,000 in 1999," Mr Chalker said.

"Australians are embracing mobile phone technology for a range of benefits including, business accessibility, convenience and personal security.

"I am particularly keen to promote the positive impact the industry has had on the competitiveness and efficiency of other sectors of the economy and will be looking to work with other industry bodies in collaborative projects as much as possible," he said.

AMTA was formed in 1994 as the national industry body representing the mobile telecommunications industry in Australia.

AMTA recently launched the first mobile phone industry recycling program – a program to recycle old mobile phones, their batteries and accessories.

AMTA has also led the way on lost and stolen handsets, bringing the industry together to address something very much on the minds of consumers.

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