Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association welcomes UK review

The Australian mobile phone industry today welcomed the findings of scientists advising the UK Government that mobile phones and their base station do not cause adverse health effects.

The new review, by the Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR), examined research into the health effects of the radiofrequency emissions from mobile phones and base stations since 2000.

AMTA CEO, Graham Chalker, said "The UK research is consistent with recent reviews of the science carried out in France, The Netherlands, and Sweden showing there is no causal link between the use of mobile phones and their base stations and community health.”

“It is also in line with advice from the World Health Organisation that”

None of the recent reviews have concluded that exposure to the RF (radio frequency) fields from mobile phones and their base stations cause any adverse health consequences

Mr Chalker also welcomed the 22 December 2003 bulletin from the Australian Communications Authority and ARPANSA which sought to "allay any community concern arising from the introduction into Australia of 3G mobile phone networks, which support video and data calls in addition to the services supported by other mobile networks."

The ACA and ARPANSA said “The emission levels produced by 3G transmitters are considered to be low, with an average radiated power of around 3 watts. This average power is significantly lower than the power levels of some other common types of transmitters, such as two-way radios used by taxis and emergency services."

Mr Chalker said that the Australian standards on radio frequency emissions are among the most stringent in the world and mobile phones and base stations constitute a very small proportion of all radio frequency in the environment.

"Nonetheless, we support continuing scientific research which adds to scientific knowledge and provides reliable and accurate information about mobile telecommunications and health", he said.


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