Think Before You Drive – be careful on our roads this Easter.

That’s the message coming from the Australian Automobile Association and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association in the run up to the hectic Easter holiday period.

AAA Executive Director, Lauchlan McIntosh, said the Easter holiday period unfortunately involved families in many unnecessary road deaths and trauma as motorists travel all over Australia during the four-day Easter break.

“It is especially important that drivers recognise the importance of the basic driving task and pay less attention to in-car activities such as CDs and mobile phone use,” Mr McIntosh said.

“The AAA and Australia’s motoring Clubs have recently launched in Australia a global road safety campaign – Think Before you Drive – which is all about providing simple road safety messages for drivers.

“More than one million people die every year on the roads around the world – in Australia five people die every day and more than 60 are seriously injured. On these averages, over the four-day Easter break we can sadly expect 20 deaths and 240 serious injuries.

“This should be seen as a national tragedy about to happen - one which we must reduce - but we will need to focus our attention on safer drivers, safer roads and safer cars” he said.

AMTA CEO Chris Althaus supported the AAA’s Think Before You Drive campaign and urged motorists not to take risks when using mobile phones in cars this Easter.

Mr Althaus said the key message of Think Before You Drive is for drivers to be aware of their limitations and not take risks while on the road.

“AMTA urges motorists to be responsible with phone usage on the roads this Easter. Safety is the most important call drivers can make,” he said.

“Drivers must not use hand-held phones for voice or text messaging while behind the wheel. It is illegal and dangerous. Drivers should only use their phone in hands-free mode when traffic, road and weather conditions suit. Drivers should not engage in distracting or complex or emotional conversations while driving.

“Drivers should plan ahead and make calls when stationary or during rest breaks on long trips.

Drivers can use a phone with voice activated dialling and automatic answering features to reduce the effort required to make and receive calls on a hands-free device.”


Contact: Lauchlan McIntosh AAA 02 6247 7311 or 0418 424 886

Chris Althaus AMTA 02 6239 6555 or 0417 270 689