Mobile Phone Industry Good Practice Guide: Accessibility for People with Disabilities


AMTA’s Accessibility Committee has developed the Mobile Phone Industry Good Practice Guide: Accessibility for People with Disabilities.

The Good Practice Guide has been designed by AMTA to encourage and assist Australia’s mobile telecommunications industry to enhance and develop, on a continuing basis, the accessibility of its products and services to people with disabilities. Recognising that many aspects of mobile telephony already offer benefits to people with disabilities, and although the Australian industry enjoys only a limited capacity to influence equipment design and availability, our aim is to foster innovation in these areas where possible.

Typically, people with disabilities who are likely to experience difficulties with communications are those with one or more of the following:

  • Deafness or a hearing impairment;

  • A mobility impairment;

  • A dexterity impairment;

  • Blindness or a vision impairment;

  • A speech impairment or communications disability; and/or

  • An intellectual disability.

Some people may develop single or multiple disabilities as a result of progressive illnesses or age-related conditions. Others may experience temporary disabilities resulting from traumas such as injury or surgery.

These are broad segmentations only. A customised approach for each customer (wherever possible) is most appropriate. The Guide, therefore, is designed to be used in that context, noting also that customers may have single or multiple impairment, acquired impairment, or temporary impairment.

The Guide primarily seeks to provide retailers with general principles and a range of suggested activities that will assist them to develop strategies to address the particular needs of customers with disabilities. The suggested activities cover areas such as customer information, sales, complaint handling and staff training.

Other Industry Members, particularly handset suppliers will find the Guide useful in terms of understanding the needs of people with disabilities and in their dealings with retailers and manufacturers. In this regard, the Guide seeks to encourage and foster innovation in the design and manufacture of products and the development of services.

The Guide may also be of value to organisations that represent people with disabilities.

To obtain a printed copy of AMTA’s Good Practice Guide, or to receive it electronically in Word, RTF or PDF format via email, please contact us. Please indicate the format you require.

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