Mobile industry plays key role in new credit management code

The mobile phone industry welcomes the registration of the revised Credit Management Industry Code, the CEO of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), Chris Althaus, said today. He said mobile phone industry members had participated in the Code’s drafting and had played a key role in supporting the development of responsible self-regulation.

The new Code dealing with credit management practices in the telecommunications industry has now been registered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Mr Althaus said: “The mobile phone industry has worked co-operatively with consumer bodies, regulators and other industry representatives in producing a code of practice that balances the needs of consumers and the industry.

“AMTA, on behalf of the industry, believes the Code will introduce a range of new rules and protections aimed at managing customer spending to try and avoid unexpected high bills and help those customers who are experiencing genuine financial hardship.

“The Code is a step forward in credit management in the telecommunications industry and it builds on other industry initiatives to help customers manage their spending.”

The industry measures include:

  • Pre-paid mobiles
  • Capped plan deals
  • Online bill checking
  • Spending alerts
  • Limits on customers’ monthly billed amounts
  • Consumer tips to help people manage their mobile phone spending
  • Co-operation with the Financial Literacy Task Force

Mr Althaus said with mobile telephony playing an increasingly important role in society, initiatives of this kind reflected industry’s preparedness to respond practically to issues as they arose.

“AMTA looks forward to continuing to work with other stakeholders on the effective application of the new Credit Management Code,” he said.


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