Mobile industry welcomes ABA initiative

The mobile telephone industry supports the Australian Broadcasting Authority’s new advice on how young people can be phone smart and use mobiles in a safe manner.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, Graham Chalker, said the mobile phone industry welcomed the ABA’s new safety brochure, which alerts young people and parents to potential pitfalls when using mobile phones.

“As an industry, we applaud the ABA’s publication. It provides practical, commonsense advice to children and parents on the safe use of mobiles by children to ensure they are not exposed to inappropriate material and practices,” he said.

“AMTA, the industry body representing the $9 billion a year mobile phone industry in Australia, is working with authorities, parents, schools and young people to help them enjoy the benefits of mobile phones in a financially affordable, safe and responsible manner.

“AMTA is committed to promoting an environmentally, socially and economically responsible and successful mobile telecommunications industry in Australia.”

AMTA’s consumer tips include material on the proper use of mobile phone cameras, safe driving tips and a guide for young people to help them choose mobile phones that suit their budgets.

Mr Chalker said the ABA’s “How to be Phone Smart – and Stay Safe!” was complemented by AMTA’s recent release of a guide to help young people and parents tackle bullying from threatening voice, text and picture messages from mobile phones.

“Our new guide dovetails with the ABA’s new publication in its Cybersmart Kids safety series,” he said.

“AMTA’s guide informs young people and their parents that if they are bullied it is not their fault, they are not alone and there is something they can do about it.”

AMTA’s guidelines on what you need to know to get the bullies off your back are found at: under consumer tips.

Please click here to view the ABA’s new document.