Mobile phone industry welcomes release of RMIT report

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) welcomes this week's release of comprehensive testing of RMIT building 108, AMTA CEO Chris Althaus said.

He said an expert, peer-reviewed medical report on RMIT found no cancer cluster exists. The report also found that “there is no evidence to suggest that tumours identified resulted from an occupational cause within building 108”.

Mr Althaus said the testing of RMIT, one of the most extensive tests undertaken on any building in Australia, confirmed earlier testing that found emissions from mobile phone base stations were more than 117,000 times below the Australian safety standard.

This confirms the extensive research undertaken by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other numerous expert health authorities which have not found any substantiated scientific evidence of health effects from living and working near mobile phone base stations.

Mr Althaus said: “The RMIT results and worldwide research provide people working and living near mobile phone base stations, not just at RMIT, but across Australia, with reassurance that these facilities operate well within Australian safety standards.

“There is no medical, statistical or biological basis to claim a link between brain cancer and mobile phone base stations.”

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), the independent regulator that monitors base station emissions, recently confirmed the safety of base stations with research on 60 base stations across Australia.

The ARPANSA researchers found that on average the exposure level was 5000 times below the Australian safety limit in locations where the exposure levels were expected to be at their highest.

The researchers concluded:

It is clear from this survey that the RF EME exposure levels from mobile telecommunications base stations are well within the mandated exposure limits of the ARPANSA standard for the general public in Australia.

Mr Althaus said: “The mobile phone industry extends its sympathy to the individuals at RMIT with cancer who have been identified in the course of the investigation. We understand their anxiety and hope these results assist them by clarifying information that may help in their treatment.”

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To view the latest RMIT findings click here.


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