New Manager Communications for Mobile Telecommunications Peak Body


The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, Australia’s peak industry body representing Australia’s mobile telecommunications industry, has announced the appointment of Randal Markey to the new position of Manager, Communications

AMTA CEO Graham Chalker said the new role of Manager, Communications recognised the importance of the mobile telecommunications industry, which contributes more than $5 billion a year to economic activity and employs more than 32,000 people.

“In the coming year it is likely that the mobile telecommunications industry will face a number of key issues as new products, services and technologies are introduced,” he said.

Mr Randal Markey started work today.

Mr Markey was the Bureau Chief of a major metropolitan newspaper in the Federal Press Gallery for five years. He worked for a major business association for four years and was an adviser to a Federal Cabinet Minister for nearly three years.

The media is invited to call Randal Markey to get the industry perspective on a range of issues affecting the mobile telecommunications industry.

His telephone numbers are:

(02) 6239 6555 (w)

04212 40550 (m)