New website straight talks on mobile phones to young people

The Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan, today launched a new industry website to assist young people get access to practical information for using their mobile phones in a safe, responsible and affordable manner.

Senator Coonan launched the new website – Str8tlk – at the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association’s Annual (AMTA) Conference in Sydney.

AMTA CEO Chris Althaus said Str8tlk was aimed to assist young people aged 10-18 years on a wide range of subjects related to the use of their mobile phones.

“Mobile phone use among young people is very high in Australia. About nine out of 10 young people use mobile phones to keep in touch with mum and dad, as an important social tool to communicate with their peer group and as a personal statement of their identity and street ‘cred’,” he said.

“Given the importance that young people attach to their mobile phones, the industry believes they should have access to information written in plain English that can help them use their mobiles in a safe, responsible and affordable manner, and in ways that meet with accepted social practices.

“Often a mobile phone is one of the first responsibilities that young people have – they are not old enough to drive or have a credit card. The new website is the industry’s initiative to provide them with vital information in a format and language that they can relate to and feel comfortable with.”

The website contains information on issues such as:

Money – Working out what you need or want and what you can afford.
Bullying – Unfortunately, some people are using mobiles to bully others. What should you do if you are bullied? What can your parents/teachers do to help?
Safety – What can you do if you lose your mobile or someone steals it? How do you guard against spam and scam and mobile phone viruses?
Tech talk – What can you do with your mobile? And what might they look like in the future?
Think Green – If you are getting a new mobile, what can you do with the old one? Recycling is the way to go.
Culture – What is acceptable use of your mobile? When should you not use it?

Mr Althaus said the website had been developed with community consultation, including the New South Wales Commission for Children and Young People. He said details of the new website were sent to schools, education authorities and parents and citizens associations.


For more information contact Randal Markey, Manager, Communications, 0421 240550