Pre-paids and new technology drive big mobile phones growth

Growth in pre-paid mobiles and people upgrading to the latest technology are two of the major drivers of a big rise in the sale of mobile handsets.

Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association CEO Graham Chalker said there were 602,972 handsets sold in June, 2004.

This was compared to 399,302 in June, 2003.

Mr Chalker said: “This takes the overall level of sales for the first six months of this calendar year to 3,715,176 – a massive 45 per cent above the same period last year.

“Retailers, carriers and manufacturers are recording strong sales growth, which has been achieved through a combination of strong demand for pre-paid mobiles and people trading up to get the latest technology.

“There is also some anecdotal evidence to suggest that some people have multiple mobile phones to suit their particular needs at the office and at home.”

Mr Chalker said between 55-60% of new subscribers are choosing pre-paid mobile telephones.

“This is an important option that people - particularly the young are choosing - to ensure that they can have access to a mobile telephone that meets their particular needs and is suitable for their budgets,” he said.

“AMTA has developed some handy consumer tips to help people choose and manage the best mobile for their needs at an affordable price.”

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