Research on the social impact of mobile telecommunications

AMTA has worked with the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia  (ASSA) to produce a framework for an ongoing research program of three years or more into the social impact of the mobile phone on Australian society.

The extensive use of mobile devices in Australian communities and enterprises has dramatically altered lifestyle, communication patterns and productivity, yet there is no systematic collection of quantitative and qualitative information.

Many issues facing the mobile telecommunications industry are often dealt with in isolation without an understanding of the major benefits that mobiles have brought to society as well as many areas of business.

Nowhere in the world has such research been undertaken at peak industry level, accordingly the project aims to demonstrate to stakeholders that this is a socially responsible industry.

The project discussion paper examines areas for future research opportunities. It groups issues into four thematic sections:

  • the structure of social groups and the impact of the mobile phone;
  • work, home and leisure;
  • social innovations in a digital context; and
  • patterns of use of the mobile phone.


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