World Environment Day – a time to act. Recycle your old mobiles

Are you one of the 67 percent of mobile phone users who have one or more mobile phones at home not being used? Don’t let them go to waste or end up in the bin – make a difference this World Environment Day on Monday, June 5, 2006, and hand ‘em in for recycling at your local Telstra Shop, Optus World, Vodafone store and 3 Shop.

MobileMuster, the mobile phone industry’s official recycling program, was launched in December last year. This voluntary initiative is fully funded by the industry and it aims to boost collection numbers, halve the percentage of mobiles going to landfill and increase community awareness.

Research* conducted in March 2006 shows that awareness of mobile phone recycling has increased since March 2005 by 8%, up from 46% to 54%.

This increase in awareness is also reflected in collection figures with the tonnage of mobiles collected for the March 2006 quarter up nearly 19% on the March 2005 quarter. Collections increased from 9.4 tonne to 11.5 tonne. Correspondingly, fewer people threw out their unused phones, down from 9% to 5% over the past 12 months.

“This is a great first step, but we still have a long way to go if we are to achieve our target of trebling collections by the end of 2008,” said Rose Read, Manager of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association’s recycling program.

“Our research also found that more people, up from 42% to 52%, are keeping their old mobiles even if they aren’t working. The estimated number of mobiles stashed away at home has increased from 12 to 16 million.

‘While it is okay to keep your old mobiles tucked away at home, especially if they are still working, it’s important that people don’t let them end up in the bin when they clean out their drawers at home.

“Over 90% of the materials in mobiles are recovered during the recycling process and used to make great new products.

“By recycling you will be helping turn your old technology into great new products such as jewellery, batteries, stainless steel products and fence posts”, Ms Read said.

This World Environment Day, Monday, June 5, 2006, round up those old mobile phones, batteries and accessories at home and hand ‘em in at your local mobile phone retailer where you see the MobileMuster logo.

To find your local drop off point go to, click on the big green Hand ‘em in button and enter your postcode or call 1300 730 070.

 Since the program started in late 1998 Australians have recycled over 350 tonnes of mobile phones, batteries and accessories. This equals almost 1.5 million batteries and over half a million handsets.


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For further information please contact: Rose Read, AMTA 02 8920 3555 or 0418 216 364



*The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association contracted marketing research company Ipsos to conduct an online survey of 650 mobile phone users between the age of 16 and 64 from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth in March 2006. The survey assessed the effectiveness of the MobileMuster campaign as well as repeating research undertaken in March 2005 by The Klein Partnership on behalf of AMTA on mobile phone ownership, behaviour and attitudes.