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Digital content driving smartphone use

mobile phone fixed line.pngAustralians' increasing use of digital content is driving changes in mobile phone use, services and infrastructure. According to new research from the ACMA smartphone use is on the rise with the number of mobile services increasing by three per cent in the last year to 32.59 million. The demand for digital content, with popular services like catch-up and subscription video, has also seen the intensity of smartphone use increase. The new research looks at how the telecommunications industry has continued to invest in their networks with 4G now covering 98 per cent of the population. This will continue as the industry works towards the commercial 5G network deployment in 2020. For further details on the research visit the ACMA website here:   

AMTA Releases 2016 Annual Report

Annual report cover.PNG2016 was a year where the mobile industry continued to transform and improve the way Australians live, work and play. Mobile continues to have an impact on our economy and society with strong demand for mobile technology and services. AMTA’s latest Annual Report includes the following highlights: As industry prepares for 5G the need for regulatory reform in spectrum management and network infrastructure deployment is increasingly urgent. The growth and development of mobile in Australia plays a key role in Australia’s economic growth by stimulating productivity and workplace participation. Deloitte Access Economics found Australia’s economy is 42.9 billion (2.6% of GDP) bigger in 2015 that it would otherwise be because of the long-term productivity and workforce participation benefits generated by mobile technology take-up.

Stuart MacIntyre from Optus appointed Chair of AMTA’s Board of Directors

Photo 0106.jpgThe Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has announced that Mr Stuart MacIntyre from Optus has today been appointed Chair of AMTA’s Board of Directors. Mr MacIntyre, Director of Optus Business Technology, joined Optus in 2010 after working as Head of Strategy & Business Development in the British Telecom Group Mobility from 2000. He takes over the role of AMTA Chair from Matthew Lobb, VHA’s General Manager, Industry Strategy and Public Policy, who is stepping down after two years as Chair. Mr MacIntyre said he was delighted to be taking on the Chair at such a pivotal moment in the mobile industry’s evolution. “The combination of latest generation mobile networks and devices with an ever- increasing array of applications and services - on the eve of mobile’s 5th Generation (5G) will make this next few years a most significant chapter in the mobile evolution.” Mr MacIntyre said.

In-store warnings about mobile phones in California lacks scientific basis and is unlawful says CTIA

The introduction of retailer warnings about holding your mobile too close to your body in the Californian city of Berkeley is not based on scientific evidence and is unlawful, says the CTIA – The Wireless Association, which represents some of the nation’s largest phone manufacturers and carriers, including Apple, Samsung, Verizon and AT&T.

Independent experts call for caution after the partial results of US rat study which links mobiles with cancer

Independent scientific experts have called for caution over the preliminary results of a United States study that links rats exposed to radio waves to higher risks of two cancers. They said no health conclusions could be made from a single study’s partial findings and further analysis was required when the full study was released.

Heavy mobile phone use in Japan not linked to brain cancer

Heavy mobile phone users in Japan, mostly men in their 30s, haven’t had increased rates of brain cancer that can be explained by their mobile phone use, a new study has found.

Australian fertility review finds link between phones and sperm count

A new Australian study warns there is now conclusive evidence that men shouldn’t keep their mobile phones in their trouser pockets, but experts worldwide have disputed the validity of previous reviews because the original studies are considered weak and inconclusive.

ABC’s Catalyst to change format in 2017 after editorial review of withdrawn Wi-Fi episode

The ABC board has agreed to change the weekly magazine format of its flagship science program and will introduce a series of hour-long specials after an internal review found it had breached editorial polices of impartiality in an episode about Wi-Fi and cancer.

Deloitte Report finds Australians love their smartphones

Mobile_panel_shutterstock_450.jpgDeloitte has released the results of its ‘Australian Cut’ of its global 2016 Mobile Consumer Survey that includes insights about smartphone use. Key findings from the report: 84% of Australians own a smartphone Australians aged 18-24 had the highest rate of smartphone ownership at 94% While the adoption of smartphones has been increasing over the past few years, it is expected to plateau in coming years Australians on 4G networks are using double the data of non-4G subscribers Click here to download a smartphone snapshot of the Australian report. November 2016

AMTA Members Prepare for a 5G Future

5g.jpg5G – the next generation of mobile technology – promises to completely transform our lives by revolutionising transportation, health, agriculture, education and other sectors of industry. In the recent Mobile Nation report, Deloitte Access Economics predicts: “…that the next major phase of mobile developments is anticipated to launch the capabilities of our mobile devices to significantly greater and previously unimagined heights.” While wide deployment of 5G is not anticipated before 2020, AMTA members are already collaborating and testing 5G technologies as carriers continue to invest in 4G (LTE and LTE-A) networks. Ericsson and Telstra recently conducted outdoor tests of a 5G trial system in Melbourne. The purpose of the trial was to demonstrate 5G capabilities in a real world environment over a live network.
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