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Government publishes new EME factsheets and video

  One of the Department of Communications Factsheets

Two separate government bodies, the Department of Communications and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), have both recently published factsheets explaining EME and health to the public following community concerns.


A series of factsheets and one video, published on the Department of Communications website, explain how mobile phone towers and infrastructure cause electromagnetic energy emissions (EME), and that these emissions are strictly regulated. While ARPANSA published a fact sheet addressing the perceived health impacts of Wi-Fi.

“The government is aware that the installation of new radiocommunications transmitters, including mobile phone transmitters, can be a sensitive issue for communities. Some concerns may relate to electromagnetic energy emissions,” states the Department of Communication’s website.
“The level of EME from all radiocommunications facilities, including low-impact facilities, is strictly regulated by the Australian Government. Exposure to radiofrequency (RF) EME has been the subject of detailed research by experts.
“Exposure limits are set well below the level at which adverse health effects are known to occur and include a wide safety margin to protect the public. Radiotransmitters and mobile towers operate at a tiny percentage of these limits.”
In addition to factsheets aimed at communities (.pdf) and schools and parents (.pdf), the Department of Communications has also produced a youtube video with similar content to the factsheets.
The factsheet published by ARPANSA directly addresses concerns that EME emitted from everyday objects such as wireless routers, baby monitors and mobile phones may pose a public health risk.
“There is no established scientific evidence showing that the low exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic energy from Wi-Fi adversely affects the health of children or the general population,” ARPANSA’s Wi-Fi and Health factsheet (.pdf) states.
In response to whether it is possible to reduce exposure to Wi-Fi, the factsheet states that ‘there are no established adverse health effects from Wi-Fi RF exposure. However, if you wish to reduce your exposure you can do so by increasing the distance to Wi-Fi equipment, [and by] reducing the amount of time you use Wi-Fi equipment.”
The ARPANSA factsheet also explains that the agency sets the RF safety exposure standard which is regulated by the Australia Communications and Media Authority. The factsheet also contains a series of useful links for more information on EME. 


Published 7/4/2015

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