Monday, 17 June 2019

MCF improves worker safety with new EME Site Safety Guide

  MCF Manager Ray McKenzie

The Mobile Carriers Forum (MCF) has published an updated version of its RF EME operational safety document as part of AMTA’s commitment to improve safety for those working on mobile network sites.

Known as the ‘EME Guide’, the document replaces the existing operational safety document, the Radio Communications Site Management Book (RCSMB) currently in use at mobile network sites, and was developed to make it simpler for workers who are likely to come in contact with mobile phone antennas to understand best practices around EME.
“The EME Guide will make it easier for workers to access information and understand the procedures for safe work around EME in areas close to mobile network transmitters and antennas,” Mobile Carriers Forum Manager Ray McKenzie said.
The new guide now provides clearer details of the EME exclusion zones on sites, and has removed unnecessary technical information, present in the previous document, that was not directly relevant to workers.
Much of the information in the previous document, included for compliance purposes, has been removed from the ‘EME Guide’ and is now found in its companion document, the Site Compliance Report.
“The new EME Guide is the next step in AMTA’s program of integrating site RF safety information and making it more accessible to users everywhere,” Mr McKenzie said.
The ‘EME Guide’ is available to workers via login to the users and facility managers section of the Radio Frequency National Site Archive. Login details are available from the building owner or manager on which the mobile network site is located.


Published 7/4/2015

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