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No evidence of EME sensitivity in largest ever Dutch study

  The study was published in the International journal of hygiene and environmental health.

There is no link between exposure to electromagnetic energy and a series of symptoms described as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) found a recent Dutch study, the largest of its kind.

“Overall, we found no convincing evidence that individuals who reported to be sensitive to EMF experienced more severe symptoms or lower sleep quality in relation to actual or perceived EMF than the rest of the population,” said the study published in the International journal of hygiene and environmental health.


The study of 5933 adults in the Netherlands, of which 202 were identified as hypersensitive to RF EMF, examined whether a link between symptoms such fatigue, headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain that are otherwise medically unexplainable, referred to as non-specific physical symptoms (NSPS), and real or perceived exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF).

The study’s authors found, by comparing answers to a questionnaire with existing medical records, that the rate of unexplainable medical complaints (NSPS) was not higher in the hypersensitive group than the rest of the study.

“Results, including sensitivity analyses, did not indicate an association between modelled RF-EMF exposure and number and duration of self-reported NSPS and prevalence of GP-registered NSPS.”

The authors also noted that a person’s perceived exposure did not match their actual exposure estimates, and that these findings “strengthen the notion that perceived exposure should not be considered as a proxy of actual exposure levels, but rather as an independent predictor or NSPS, as experimental evidence suggests.”

The study was also able to establish that RF-EMF exposure has no effect of sleep.

“Furthermore no significant association was observed between RF-EMF bands and self-reported sleep quality.

“These findings confirm those from recent epidemiological studies in Europe on RF-EMF and NSPS and sleep quality.”


Published 7/4/2015

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