Monday, 17 June 2019

WHO updates mobile phones and health factsheet

  The World Health Organization has updated its mobile phones and health factsheet.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its factsheet on mobile phones and health and has not changed its position that using a mobile phone does not cause any health problems.

“A large number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk. To date, no adverse health effects have been established for mobile phone use,” the updated factsheet continues to say.
Minor changes to the WHO’s factsheet included an update to the number of global mobile phone subscribers from 4.6 billion in 2009 to 6.9 billion in 2014.
Currently the WHO is conducting an Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) review, an overall risk assessment of any potential health effects from exposure to electromagnetic energy, including mobile communication technologies, and the factsheet now includes an expected publication year for the EHC.
“WHO will conduct a formal risk assessment of all studied health outcomes from radiofrequency fields exposure by 2016,” an update to the factsheet says.
The EHC is the next stage of review following the classification of RF Fields as a possible human carcinogen in June 2011 by IARC - the WHO’s cancer research body.
The updated WHO factsheet does not change its June 2011 post classification position which explained the IARC classification as ‘…a category used when a causal association is considered credible, but when chance, bias or confounding cannot be ruled out with reasonable confidence.’


Published 7/4/2015

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