Monday, 17 June 2019

International wireless groups updates Wi-Fi Health and Safety brochure

  The Wi-Fi and Healh/Safety Brochure, published by the MMF, Wi-Fi Alliance and the GSMA.

International wireless groups have come together to update a brochure that answers specific questions about the health and safety of Wi-Fi in response to community concerns.

“This brochure is designed to answer questions about the health and safety aspects of Wi-Fi technology, and to share the opinions of respected public health institutions on this topic.
“Due to the ubiquity of Wi-Fi technology, questions about the safety of radio waves and Wi-Fi devices tend to arise from time–to-time. The Wireless industry takes these concerns very seriously,” said the brochure (.pdf).
The brochure is a collaboration between the MMF, Wi-Fi Alliance and the GSMA, and directly addresses concerns the public may have about wireless technology and radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF).
After 60 years of extensive study, no adverse health effects have been found from RF EMF at levels within the safety limits. This view is held by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international health authorities.  
“The safe use of radio waves has been extensively studied for more than 60 years. This large body of scientific research is regularly reviewed by numerous independent, scientific expert panels, government agencies, standard-setting organizations and health authorities from around the world. These organizations have reached the same general scientific conclusion – to date no established evidence of adverse health effects from exposure to radio waves at or below the recommended limits,” states the brochure.
The brochure answers questions such as; who develops the limits for exposure to radio waves, are W-Fi devices in compliance with the RF exposure requirements, what is the wireless industry doing to ensure the continued safety of Wi-Fi products, and is Wi-Fi sale to use in schools.


Published 7/4/2015

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