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EME Update March 2016

Catalyst’s ‘Wi-Fried?’ ignored the weight of scientific evidence on the health effects of mobile telecommunications

A recent episode of ABC s Catalyst, which suggested that wireless devices such as Wi-Fi could be having major health impacts from brain cancer to infertility, has been widely criticised for its failure to present a balanced representation of the weight of scientific evidence.
 maryanne demasi

Experts and journalists say Catalyst's ‘Wi-Fried’ is pseudoscience

Catalyst's 'Wi-Fried?' episode has been criticiesd for focussing on fringe views Leading scientists and journalists responded to Catalyst s Wi-Fried episode, which aired on the ABC in February and said the program was one-sided and presents an imbalanced fringe position of the current scientific evidence about the health impacts of wireless devices. 
 maryanne and devra

AMTA responds to top 10 Catalyst claims

1. Body worn everyday use and safety limits

Catalyst Claims:

"It's fair to say that sometimes people would be breaching the safety limits of their mobile phones every day"    

"Mobile phone manufacturers themselves are aware of the potential risks which is why they recently put warnings in each device."

 phone in pocket

2. Heavy users and recall bias

Catalyst Claim:

"Heavy users are defined as those who talk on a mobile 30 minutes a day for longer than 10 years."

 phone call

3. Non-thermal and DNA damage

Catalyst Claim:

"...the safety standard only protects people from thermal damage that can occur through overheating. But scientists have demonstrated that radiation emitting devices can cause DNA damage without heating tissue."


4. Fertility claims

Catalyst Claim:

"...there is strong evidence to suggest that mobile phones can damage sperm, as might occur when a male keeps his smartphone in his pocket."


5. Insurance claims

Catalyst Claim:

"It's not only telco companies who are cautious about potential risks. Insurance giant Lloyd's of London excludes cover for illnesses caused by electromagnetic radiation."

 lloyds of london

6. Global standards

Catalyst Claim:

“We know that China, Italy and Switzerland and Russia have standards 100 times safer than Canada’s standards, and that’s the same as Australia’s standards.”


7. Brain cancer

Catalyst Claim:

"There is no cause of cancer in the environment that shows up in the general population in 10 years... When you look at specific groups, however, you are seeing an increase in younger brain caners in certain types, in certain locations"

 brain cancer

8. Children's exposure

Catalyst claim:

"...if you look at the child, this is a three-year-old, you can see [the radiation] gets all the way though the head."

 children exposure

9. Cumulative exposures

Catalyst Claim:

"With regards to that layering effect [of radiofrequency], who s to say what the consequences of that will be for that child s long-term future?"


10. Tobacco comparisons

Catalyst Claim:

"One of the best analogies...  is using the tobacco model where we know the first science came out showing smoking caused cigarettes harm back in the 1960s, and the tobacco industry was able to delay legislation, delay the message to the public for decades."


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