AMTA Corporate Social Responsibility

AMTA's Corporate Social Responsibility report , Staying Connected, is an opportunity to share what the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has been doing in the area of community responsibility.

The publication gives an overview of the programs undertaken by AMTA on behalf of its members to promote an industry that is environmentally sustainable, economically successful and socially responsible and in step with community needs and expectations. It was launched at AMTA’s Technology Showcase in Parliament House by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, in June 2008.

The rapid advances in mobile technology supported by product and service innovation and, most recently, convergence with the internet, have seen mobile telecommunications become an indispensable part of everyday life. Anywhere, anytime connectivity has changed the way we communicate with family, friends and how we interact with the wider community in balancing work and personal commitments.

The industry has introduced innovative mobile telecommunications solutions to enhance economic capacity and drive business success. Mobile technology plays a key role in contributing to productivity gains across the economy and has a broad impact on our Gross Domestic Product.

AMTA is committed to research into how mobile devices and services have become integrated into our lives. Such research provides information about how people use their mobiles to manage and co-ordinate their lives and gives us a firm evidence-based approach to inform policy settings.

Our industry builds community partnerships to maximise the benefits of mobile phones and address challenges. For example, we are partnering the peak parents’ organisation in Australia to help parents manage their children’s use of mobile phones in the school environment.

We have accepted our community responsibility to promote a sustainable industry with MobileMuster, our world-leading free mobile phone recycling program. This program encourages and provides a way for people to recycle their old mobile phones and accessories. The program turns more than 90% of plastics and metals in mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories recovered during the recycling process into jewellery, stainless steel items, batteries and plastic fence posts.

From economic and social research to health and safety issues, from education to the environment, we hope this report gives you an insight into the policies and programs our industry is undertaking to assist the community in the responsible and safe use of mobile phones.

View AMTA's "Staying Connected" here.