Today's mobile technology offers many choices for people living with disability or caring for someone with a disability.

To find out more about mobiles and accessibility and see our tips for choosing a mobile that matches your accessibility requirements please click here.

You can also visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) website at to find out more about accessibility features and search their database to find a phone, tablet or app that will meet your requirements. The GARI website was established by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum to provide a central point of information for consumers looking for accessibility information about mobiles, tablets and apps.

We also have tips for using a mobile if you have a hearing aid or cochlear implant here.

The Newell Network is a good source of information for people caring for those with more complex communication accessibility needs. 

In 2005 AMTA developed the: 

Mobile Phone Industry Good Practice Guide: Accessibility for People with Disabilities

The guide designed to encourage and assist Australia’s mobile phone industry to enhance and develop, on an on-going basis, the accessibility of its products and services to people with disabilities.