Children & safety

The mobile telecommunications industry places the highest importance on safety issues and relies on the expert judgment of bodies such as the World Health Organisation to make decisions based on the weight of scientific evidence about the safety of mobile phones and base stations.

Mobile phone handsets and base stations are designed, built and tested to comply with strict science-based safety standards, which are recognized by national and international health agencies, including the WHO, as providing protection for all members of the community.

The standards include significant in-built safety margins and provide protection for all users, including the elderly, children and others regardless of the frequency of use.

The WHO advises that there is no scientific evidence to support the need for special precautions for use of mobile phones. However, if parents and others still have concerns there are some simple steps that parents might consider to reduce their own or their children’s exposure.

Many parents rely on mobile phones to stay in contact with their children and reach them in an emergency. Parents no doubt will be cautious about trading off an unproven possible risk against a known health and safety benefit

Please see AMTA's position statement on children and mobiles here