Fires and Mobile Phone Chargers

Recent media reports claiming that a mobile phone charger caused a house fire in Brisbane were speculative and following an initial investigation have been found to be incorrect.


The Queensland Office of Electrical Safety has investigated the fire and said there was no evidence to suggest a mobile phone charger caused the fire.

A charger was near the fire and the low-voltage cord running to the phone was charred, but the charger was not the cause of the fire, the Office said.


The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service had spoken to the media about the cause of the fire before the results of the investigation.


Fire authorities have no records of any fires caused by mobile phone chargers.


Mobile phone chargers are proclaimed under all State legislation and are required to be approved by the relevant regulators in each state.


To gain approval, each model of charger is tested and required to meet an Australian safety standard which is equivalent to a corresponding international standard.


The tests evaluate the capacity of the charger to maintain suitable temperatures when the mobile phone is removed and the charger is left on.


However, as with any electrical product, it is always advisable to disconnect chargers when they are not in use. This will reduce the possibility of failure and it will also reduce the electricity bill because you are not paying for standby power consumption.