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Intelligence and Security on the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016

The Associations welcome the opportunity to comment on the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (also referred to as Telecommunications Sector Security Reform (TSSR)) and commend Government for its response – by way of amendments – to some of the concerns raised by Industry during 2015/16 in respect of the first and second exposure drafts of the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015. Full release available here

$43bn in productivity and workforce participation benefits – Australia’s mobile revolution continues

Deloitte Access Economics today released new, and Australia-first, research on the impacts mobile technologies are having on the country’s productivity and workforce participation challenges.

Students join MobileMuster and Jane Goodall Institute to save chimpanzee habitats

More than 55 schools and 27,000 students have joined MobileMuster and the Roots & Shoots school program to learn about mobile phone recycling and raise funds for the Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA).

ABC’s Media Watch says Catalyst’s claims about mobile phone safety were “shockingly one-sided”

ABC TV’s Media Watch says that last week’s Catalyst program on the safety of mobile telecommunications was “shockingly one-sided”, giving 14 minutes to “controversial campaigners” alleging health effects from mobile phones compared to only two minutes for the Australian Government’s safety watchdog, which said there was no established evidence of a link between mobiles and cancer.

Mobile Industry Welcomes Productivity Commission Report on Public Safety Mobile Broadband

“The Productivity Commission’s Research Report into the provision of Public Safety Mobile Broadband reflects a common-sense approach in recommending partnerships with the mobile telecommunications industry as the way forward for provision of Mobile Broadband services for public safety agencies,” according to Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association CEO Chris Althaus.

AMTA welcomes continued fall in TIO Complaints

Chris Althaus, AMTA CEO, welcomed the latest TIO complaints statistics which show very substantial falls in complaints in relation to mobile products and services.

Leading cancer expert accuses Devra Davis of raising community anxiety over unjustified claims on mobile phone safety

A leading internationally-recognised expert on cancer causation says claims by visiting American scientist, Devra Davis, that mobile phones are a danger to people’s health are unjustified, deeply disturbing and are needlessly raising the community’s anxiety levels.

AMTA statement on Dr Devra Davis’ claims on mobile telecommunications health and safety

AMTA takes all matters of mobile phone safety very seriously and acknowledges the right of anyone to have their own view on the health and safety of mobile telecommunications devices.

AMTA supports ACMA spectrum strategy update and notes ongoing need for new spectrum opportunities

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) welcomes the latest Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) update of its strategy paper on spectrum management to meet demand for mobile broadband services.

AMTA – 21 years on and looking forward to the future

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) turns 21 on Sunday 20 September. This milestone gives us a chance to reflect on how far the mobile telecommunications industry has come, but more importantly, look forward to next generation mobile telecommunications technologies, which will drive productivity and provide connectivity to a networked society via the Internet of Things. See our Mobile Nation graphic below.
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