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Launch Of New Research Agenda On Social Impact Of Mobile Telephones

Australia’s leading social scientists have joined with the mobile telecommunications industry in a world first to develop a research agenda to gain a wider understanding of the social impact of mobile phones.

Recent Innovations Provide Mobile Industry with Strong Platform for Growth

Australia’s mobile telecommunications industry contributes $4.8 billion a year to the local economy and is positioned for strong growth opportunities with the roll out of third-generation technology (3G) mobile phones, a new report finds.The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) today released the industry report, which measures the economic impact of the mobile telecommunications industry on the Australian economy.

Mobile Telephone Industry Welcomes New ‘Rebirthing’ Law

The Australian mobile telecommunications industry welcomes legislation passed by the Senate last night, making it a criminal offence to “rebirth” stolen mobile phones by illegally modifying a phone’s electronic serial number.

New Online Mobile Phone check sends strong signal to thieves

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has launched a new online inquiry service that makes it convenient for consumers and second-hand sellers to check if a mobile telephone has been reported lost or stolen and blocked from use by the network carriers.

Fires and Mobile Phone Chargers

Recent media reports claiming that a mobile phone charger caused a house fire in Brisbane were speculative and following an initial investigation have been found to be incorrect.

Pre-paids and new technology drive big mobile phones growth

Growth in pre-paid mobiles and people upgrading to the latest technology are two of the major drivers of a big rise in the sale of mobile handsets.

New Manager Communications for Mobile Telecommunications Peak Body

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, Australia’s peak industry body representing Australia’s mobile telecommunications industry, has announced the appointment of Randal Markey to the new position of Manager, Communications

Camera phones: fun when used wisely

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) released consumer guidelines for camera phones today to encourage customers to use the technology in a responsible manner and remind people of their legal obligations.

Mobile phones do not cause brain tumours

Following assertions made on A Current Affair AMTA responded that there is no biological, medical or statistical basis to assert a link between mobile phone use and increased rates of cancer.

AMTA Position Statement Mobile Camera Phones: User Sensitivity not Extra Legislation

The mobile phone industry understands that the misuse of mobile camera phones is an issue that needs to be addressed.
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