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On the spot with Graham Chalker - Interview with Sunday Age Melbourne

Organisations including the YMCA, the Royal Lifesaving Society and the Law Institute of Victoria have raised privacy concerns about mobile phone cameras, particularly about them being used to take photographs of people in compromising situations. We spoke to Graham Chalker, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, about how mobile phone technology affects our lives.

Cameras and mobile phones

Following the debate over use of mobile phones with inbuilt cameras in gyms and swimming pools, AMTA has stated it does not condone the inappropriate use of mobile phones such as sending objectionable images.

Federal Government Legislation on “rebirthing” stolen mobile phones welcomed by industry

Australia’s mobile telecommunication industry congratulated the Federal Government on its announcement that it will make it an offence to “rebirth” stolen phones.

Mobile carriers to trial short SMS numbers

All four mobile carriers, Optus, Orange, Telstra and Vodafone have agreed to cooperate in a joint commercial and technical trial of shared memorable SMS numbers for use in commercial SMS services such as polling and competitions. Currently mobile phone numbers used for commercial SMS services are standard 10 digit mobile numbers. The trial will use a shorter seven-digit number range beginning with 188.

Mobile phone industry response to Federal Government report on electromagnetic radiation

The Inquiry found no substantiated scientific evidence of health effects from mobile phones and their base stations.

‘Safety is the most important call you will make’

When using a mbile phone while driving, safety is paramount. All drivers can make safety their first priority by following some simple common sense practices.

Rick Wakeham, Chief of Products, Telstra Consumer and Marketing Telstra Corporation Limited

AMTA are pleased to announce that Mr Rick Wakeham, Telstra Corporation Limited has joined the Board of AMTA following the resignation of previous board member, Mr David Thodey.

Vodafone to block lost or stolen mobile phones

Vodafone Australia announced it has implemented handset or IMEI blocking. Vodafone customers who report their mobile phone handsets lost or stolen can have their handsets blocked on the company's network.

Safety tips on mobile phone use while driving / almost half of all 000 calls are made by mobile phones

Motorola ClearVox DeviceThe Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) today released a set of safety tips for motorists who use hands-free mobile phones while driving and new figures which show almost half of all 000 calls are made by mobile phones.

Phones4PlanetArk Launch

MCR with Jon DeeOn October 23 2002 AMTA and Planet Ark again joined forces to launch P4PA consumer campaign. Held in Sydney, the event attracted over 90 people from the industry, media and environmental groups. ( more detail)
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