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No increase in rate of mobile premium service complaints, but industry committed to address issues

The rate of consumer complaints about mobile premium services has not increased this year, according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s (TIO) report released today.

Children’s mobile claims run counter to weight of scientific experts

Today’s claims about children and mobile phone safety run counter to the weight of expert scientific findings and parents can be reassured that the World Health Organisation (WHO) says strict science-based safety limits provide ample protection for all users of mobiles, including children.

Mobile industry urges certainty on key spectrum management decisions

The Australian mobile telecommunications industry today called on the Australian Government to reduce commercial uncertainty and support the reissue of incumbent spectrum licences so industry can plan its ongoing investments in advanced mobile technologies that will be fundamental to the growth of Australia’s digital economy.

Accurate up-to-date information needed for international roaming charge inquiry, says industry

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) today criticised a KPMG report commissioned by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy for a Parliamentary inquiry into international mobile roaming charges.

AMTA statement on mobile phone health claims made by University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) relies on the expert judgment of public health authorities, such as the World Health Organization, for assessments of safety and health impacts.

Rising Australian 3G mobile phone uptake drives flow-on economic benefits, new report finds

Rising mobile data traffic flowing from the increasing uptake of 3G mobile telecommunications will contribute an additional $2.1 billion to Australia’s economic output in 2010, a new Access Economics study finds.

Mobile phone industry relies on independent expert bodies for health assessments

The Chief Executive of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), Chris Althaus, said tonight the safety of mobile phones is an issue that the industry takes very seriously.

Last days to recycle mobile phones as part of World Environment Day trees campaign

Up to 100,000 trees will be planted to regenerate degraded areas as part of the World Environment Day mobile phone recycling initiative, “Old Phones, More Trees” conducted by MobileMuster, the mobile phone industry’s official recycling program.

Baby study authors call for caution in interpreting surprise results

The authors of a paper claiming a link between mobile phone use and child behaviour warn that the results were unexpected and should be interpreted with caution, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) said today.

Mobile phones meet stringent safety standards

All mobile phone models sold in Australia are required to undergo agreed testing procedures to ensure they meet stringent safety standards that limit exposure to radiofrequency emissions.
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