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New Tasmanian driving law banning mobile GPS is inconsistent and confusing

New Tasmanian road rules banning drivers from using mobile phones for navigation services are inconsistent in their treatment of GPS devices, says the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA).

Global project to improve access to mobiles for disabled and elderly

A new global information service to help people with disabilities or functional limitations find suitable mobile phones was launched in Australia today.

Mobile industry takes steps to help protect gorillas’ habitat in Congo

The mobile phone industry shares concerns about the plight of gorillas in the Eastern Congo and handset manufacturers take steps to help protect their habitat from destruction.

Fast-track mobile spectrum allocations to meet surging demand and boost economy

The Australian Government needs to fast-track spectrum allocation decisions to ensure the mobile telecommunications industry can meet surging demand. Despite the economic slowdown, mobile broadband new subscribers tripled in the first half of this financial year

Mobiles industry supports National Consumer Fraud Week to guard against scammers

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), as part of National Consumer Fraud Week, has tips for people signing-up for l9 SMS premium services to beware of being tricked by scams.

Don't drive to distraction this Christmas

Two of Australia’s leading racing car drivers have joined with the Federal Government, motoring clubs and the mobile phone industry to warn drivers about the dangers of text messaging while driving.

Mobiles drive digital economy

The Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Communications Report 2007-08 highlights the growing impact and importance of mobile telecommunications as a driver of productivity across the entire economy and the key role played by the technology in balancing family, work and social needs.

No increase in rate of mobile premium service complaints, but industry committed to address issues

The rate of consumer complaints about mobile premium services has not increased this year, according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s (TIO) report released today.

Children’s mobile claims run counter to weight of scientific experts

Today’s claims about children and mobile phone safety run counter to the weight of expert scientific findings and parents can be reassured that the World Health Organisation (WHO) says strict science-based safety limits provide ample protection for all users of mobiles, including children.

Mobile industry urges certainty on key spectrum management decisions

The Australian mobile telecommunications industry today called on the Australian Government to reduce commercial uncertainty and support the reissue of incumbent spectrum licences so industry can plan its ongoing investments in advanced mobile technologies that will be fundamental to the growth of Australia’s digital economy.
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