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Australian homes and offices targeted in major mobile phone recycling initiative

With more than 12 million disused mobile phones cluttering homes and offices around Australia, a major initiative was launched to “round ‘em up and hand ‘em in” for recycling.

New CEO for AMTA

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. The Chair of AMTA, Holly Kramer, announced that the Board had appointed Chris Althaus to replace Graham Chalker, who is retiring after three years in the position.

New Chair for AMTA Board

Holly Kramer, Telstra’s Managing Director of Wireless and Mobility, is the new Chair of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA). Ms Kramer was last week elected by the AMTA Board to the position of Chair for 12 months.

Impact of mobile phones on work and family to be studied under ARC research funding

A research project to consider the contribution of the mobile phone to work/life balance has been awarded funding by the Australian Research Council (ARC). The CEO of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), Graham Chalker, said the mobile phone industry was proud to partner a team of distinguished sociologists, headed by Professor Judy Wajcman of the Australian National University.

Environment Management Expert Heads National Mobile Phone Industry Recycling Program

The CEO of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), Graham Chalker, today announced the appointment of Rose Read to the new position of Manager of the Mobile Phone Industry Recycling Program.

Complaints driven largely by mobile phone growth

Responding to today’s release of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) annual report, the mobile phone industry acknowledged that the number of mobile phone complaints had risen in 2004-05, however, as the TIO had pointed out, the rise in complaints “generally reflect the increase in the number of mobile phones”.

Mobile phone industry welcomes new draft credit management code

The Australian mobile telephone industry welcomes today’s release of the draft Credit Management Industry Code.

Major new study finds no link between mobile phone use and brain tumours

The results of the combined data from five European countries has found no evidence that using a mobile phone increases the risk of acoustic neuroma, a rare benign tumour that forms between the brain and the inner ear, in the first ten years of mobile phone use.

New guide helps people with disabilities to get access to mobile phone services September 14, 2005

The Australian mobile telephone industry has developed a guide to help industry meet the needs of people with disabilities. AMTA's Good Practice Guide has been sent to all membes of the industry.

Mobile Phones add $6 billion a year to the Australian economy

It is expected by the end of this financial year, 94%, or 19 million Australians, will have mobile phones supplied by an industry that contributes more than $6 billion a year to the local economy, says a new AMTA report.
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