Mobile Policy Principles

Mobile telecommunications are transforming the way Australians interact and do business.

AMTA encourages Government to recognise the significant impact of mobile telecommunications on Australia’s economy and society.

Mobile telecommunications play an enabling role in Australia’s economy and contribute to rising productivity. According to a recent Deloitte Access Economics report – Mobile Nation, the current wave of mobile technologies will result in an estimated productivity benefit to the Australian economy of $11.8 billion from 2012 – 2025.

In the year 2011 alone, this contribution to the Australian economy was estimated to be $495 million with annual benefits expected to grow to $1.3 billion by 2016.

AMTA asks the Government to adopt the following policy principles in recognition of the potential productivity benefits and vital enabling role of mobile telecommunications in Australia’s digital economy.

Principle 1

A policy framework that recognises and promotes continued mobile industry investment in latest generation mobile technologies and infrastructure will maximise the productivity and connectivity benefits to Australian consumers, businesses, organisations and governments.

Principle 2

Regulation must be minimised and red tape reduced to ensure the productivity and connectivity benefits of mobile broadband are realised.

Principle 3

It is essential that the Australian Government develops a clearly defined spectrum policy that includes long-term arrangements to meet future spectrum requirements for mobile data and broadband services.

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