Mobile technology continues to transform every aspect of our daily lives.

Mobile has redefined how business is done, how government services are delivered and how communities and individuals interact personally and professionally.

AMTA members continue to invest in mobile networks and supporting infrastructure and deliver the benefits of mobile technology to the Australian economy.

The next generation of mobile services - 5G - promises to further transform our lives by revolutionising transportation, health, agriculture, education and other sectors of industry.

In the recent Mobile Nation report, Deloitte Access Economics predicts:

“…that the next major phase of mobile developments is anticipated to launch the capabilities of our mobile devices to significantly greater and previously unimagined heights.”

AMTA is committed to tackling whole-of-industry policy issues where our members share a vision of the future and how to get there.


Policy issues are managed through AMTA’s Policy Committee.

The Policy Committee is responsible for identifying current, expected and potential whole-of-industry issues and for developing strategies to proactively manage and respond to those issues.

AMTA’s Policy Committee engages policy experts from Member organisations and meets regularly throughout the year to identify policy issues affecting the mobile telecommunications industry and develop strategies to enable the industry to effectively respond to those issues.

The Committee aims to influence policy makers in order to achieve policy settings that enable and encourage continued investment by the mobile industry in order to deliver the next generation of mobile technology and services.

Our objective is to encourage policy settings that:

  • Promote public trust and confidence in mobile services, devices and technology;
  • Build consumer awareness and deliver robust consumer safeguards;
  • Encourage ongoing innovation and continued investment in infrastructure; and
  • Result in a regulatory and legislative framework that is reasonable, flexible and proportionate.

With a broad remit on issues in the area of economics and infrastructure; the Committee focusses on policy issues relating to network infrastructure and radiofrequency spectrum, as well as promoting awareness of the economic and social benefits of mobile technology.

The Committee also maintains a strong commitment in the area of social responsibility. This involves a focus on community engagement, consumer education and awareness, including issues relating to mobile device security and illegal or prohibited devices. It also involves engagement with policy makers in relation to issues of law enforcement and national security priorities as well as co-operation and engagement with law enforcement, national security agencies and emergency service organisations.

 You can read AMTA's policy submissions here.