The MCF has a specialised Taskforce which specifically deals with how carriers can meet the regulatory requirements set by the Federal Government in relation to exposure to electromagnetic energy (EME) from base stations and consultation with the community regarding network installations.

The RFSCP process involves gathering, recording and sharing information so that all parties involved can have visibility of a mobile phone base station’s compliance. The web based system, which is known as the Radiofrequency National Site Archive (RFNSA) (www.rfnsa.com.au) represents world’s best practice in managing network compliance. It is a multi-layered system which includes access for the general public to have visibility of the number and location of base stations in their local area as well as site specific EME Reports.

For new sites that do not require Councils’ approval, the database has a “Community Consultation” page that includes:

  • What is proposed
  • Why the site is needed
  • The consultation plan and proposed consultation activities
  • Technical information about the proposal and information about the status of the site as the consultation process evolves.