Responsible Carrier Deployment

There is no doubt that mobile phones have become part of our everyday life. To ensure that coverage levels and a high quality service is maintained, our Carrier members are constantly upgrading their infrastructure and adding new base stations where appropriate. All of the carriers take a careful and considered approach in selecting base station sites as well as ensuring that all of the State & Federal Government regulations and International guidelines regarding their operation are strictly adhered to.

Many other issues will also be taken into account.

  • The use of a current base station when appropriate
  • Responsible site design utilising the MCF Base Station Design Guide Tool
  • Community Consultation under the Deployment Code
  • Base station safety relating to EME
  • Protection of the natural and built environment
  • OH&S requirements of RF workers and other employees

If you at any time feel that carriers have not acted responsibly, you will have an opportunity to have your say during the Consultation Process undertaken as part of the Deployment Code. It also explains what you need to do to make a complaint and all carriers provide clear instructions and contact details when undertaking the consultation process.