Policy submissions

AMTA has provided the following submissions to Government and Regulators: 


to Dept of Home Affairs - Review of National arrangements for the protection and management of identity information - joint AMTA/CA submission

Liquid Fuel Emergency Act - joint submission with Communications Alliance

to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence & Security (PJCIS) - joint submission by Communications Alliance/AMTA/AIIA on the Encryption Bill 2018

to the ACCC - Review of the Facilities Access Code (Aug 2018 discussion paper)

to Department of Environment - Mobile Muster response on review of Product Stewardship Act

to the ACMA - consultation on the International Mobile Roaming Standard

to the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee (RTIRC), 2018 Review

to the Department of Communications and the Arts - Review of the eSafety Act (joint submission with Commsalliance)

to the ACMA - Five Year Spectrum Outlook (2018-22)

to the ACMA - 5.6 GHz

to the ACMA - 3.6 GHz

to the ACMA - Five Year Spectrum Outlook (2017-21)



Joint Industry Submission - AIIA/Communications Alliance/AMTA - to Department of Industry, Innovation & Science - Digital Economy Strategy, 30 Nov 2017

to Department of Communications and the Arts - joint submission on Radcomms Bill 2017 and Spectrum Reforms 28 July

to the ACMA - Supplementary Submission on Reconfiguring the 890-915/935-960 MHz Band

to the ACMA - Reconfiguring the 890-915/935-960 MHz Band

to the Reserve Bank of Australia on Dual Network Cards and Mobile Wallet Technology Feb 2017

to the ACMA on the Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2016-20 - AMTA/Communications Alliance joint submission 7 Feb 2017

to the Parliamentary Joint Commission on Intelligence and Security on the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (Telecommunications Sector Security Reform) Feb 2017 - joint submission with Communications Alliance, AIG and AIIA, 3 Feb 2017


Joint AMTA/Communications Alliance submission on Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016

to Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters - joint AMTA/CA submission - Nov 2016

to Spectrum Review (DoCA)  - /files/AMTACA-Submission.pdf - joint AMTA/CA Submission on the Department's Radcomms Bill 2016 Legislative Consultation paper.

to DoCA - Communications Accessibility: 2016 and beyond - 6 May 2016

to ACMA - supplementary submission - " Beyond 2020 - Strategy for Mobile Broadband" - January 2016


to ACMA -  in response to "Beyond 2020 - Strategy for Mobile Broadband" - Oct 2015

to Department of Communications - Review of the Australia Commmunicatons and Media Authority (ACMA) 19 August

to Attorney-General's Department, AIG AIIA AMTA Communications Alliance Submission on TSSR - Exposure Draft Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

to Regional Telecommunications Review, response to Issues Paper, 17 July 2015

to Productivity Commission - Public Safety Mobile Broadband - 12 June 2015

Spectrum Review - to DoC - AMTA comments on Spectrum Review Report - 5 June 2015

to ICT Statistics Review -  Australian Bureau of Statistics and Department of Communications

to Spectrum Review (Department of Communications) - AMTA submission - 16 Feb 2015.



To the ACMA  Prepaid Amendment Determination, Nov 2014

To House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications  Inquiry into Planning and Procurement 22 July 2014

To Spectrum Review - Department of Communications - re Terms of Reference for the Spectrum Review 2014

to Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee - re Classification Amendment Bill 2014 

to Australian Law Reform Commission, Inquiry into serious invasions of privacy in the digital era  - Joint AMTA/Communications Alliance submission May 2014 

to Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee - Terms of Reference for Comprehensive Review of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 - joint AMTA Commsalliance submission - 27 Feb 2014

to ACMA - Spectrum Licence Tax Arrangements - 28 Feb 2014

to Department of Communications - Enhancing Online Safety for Children - joint AMTA Commsalliance submission - 7 March 2014


to Department of Communications - Deregulation Initiatives in the Communications Sector -  20 Dec 2013

to Department of PM and Cabinet  -  Key Themes for Digital White Paper

to Senate ECITA Committee - Recent Trends and Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events

to CCAAC Inquiry - " App purchases by Australian consumers on mobile and handheld devices31 January 2013

to ACMA - 1800 MHz Issues Paper #1

to ACMA - 803-960 MHz Band

to ACMA - Consulation on the  Draft 2013 Prepaid Determination (New Streamlined identity-checking requirements for prepaid mobile carriage services)

to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement Inquiry into 'Spectrum for Public Safety Mobile Broadband'

to Parliament of Victoria Inquiry Opportunities for Telecommuting and E-Business in Rural and Regional Victoria

to OAIC - Draft Guidelines on Australian Privacy Principles (joint AMTA/Commsalliance submission, #1)

to ACMA - Five Year Spectrum Outlook 2013-2017



to ACMA - Review of 2.5 GHz Band Conversion Plan

to ACMA - 5 Year Spectrum Outlook 2012-16

to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security Inquiry - into Potential National Security Reforms (August)

to Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy - Trans-Tasman Roaming Draft Report

 to ACMA - draft International Mobile Roaming Standard (joint AMTA/Commsalliance submission)



Convergence Review Submissions:


Joint AMTA/Communications Alliance submission to DBCDE's Review of "Access to Telecommunication Services by People with Disability, Older Australians and People experiencing illness"- August 2011

To Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications Inquiry into "the capacity of communications networks and emergency warning systems to deal with emergencies and natural disasters". - May 2011

AMTA submission to ACCAN Mid-Term Review

AMTA submission to Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet's "Connecting with Confidence" Discussion Paper - November 2011

 Joint AMTA/Communications Alliance submission to the Parliament's Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety "Inquiry into Cybercrime Legislation amendment Bill 2011" - July 2011

2011 Spectrum submissions:



To DBCDE, Sport on Television Review 

To the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, 'Campaigning for Consumers in Communications" 

To the Department of Treasury's Consultation Paper:  "An Australian  Consumer Law: Fair Markets - Confident Consumers"

To the Productivity Commission on its Draft Report "Towards a National Framework for Consumer Policy"

To the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications "Inquiry into International Mobile Roaming"

To DBCDE on "Digital Economy Future Directions Consultation Paper"

To Department of Climate Change "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper"



"Getting the most out of the Digital Dividend in Australia" - Executive Summary. (April 2009) 

To ACMA on "Draft Five-year Spectrum Outlook 2009-2014 Consultation"

To ACMA on " Proposed Amendments to Emergency Call Service Arrangements- Draft Determination 2009"

To ACMA on "Calling the Emergency Call Service - Review of Arrangement Discussion Paper"

To the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics: Inquiry into raising the level of productivity growth in the Australian economy"

To Senate Select Committee "Senate Select Committee Inquiry on the National Broadband Network" 

To ACMA on "Spectrum Trading Consultation"

To ACMA on "Future Arrangements in the 400 MHz band"

To ACMA "Draft Five-year Spectrum Outlook 2009-2014"

To ACMA "Draft Spectrum Management Principles Consultation"

To ACMA "Improving the Management of Government Spectrum Holdings"